Romance Visual Novel ‘Making*Lovers’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

NekoNyan announced that they will release the Smee-developed romance visual novel Making Lovers on PC-via Steam, Denpasoft, Mangagamer, Nutaku, Fakku, JAST, and there own storefront on April 3 for $29.99.

Making Lovers tells the story of Kazuma Takanashi who has always wanted a girlfriend. Being his life long dream, people made fun of him for his particular goals of love. His plan was to encounter a girl in his daily life and automatically know that she’s the one. He would then make a good impression and they would spend weekends hanging out and being wholesome. After a while, they would go on a real date and fall in love.

During gameplay, players will try and make this happen. As you meet girls, the only way to learn more about them will be to enter a relationship with them. Still, you won’t be kissing them right away. Instead, players have to plan dates and experience the nervous awkwardness of getting to know someone across first dates. There are five routes available to the player, each girl is of different age and has a unique personality. It’s up to the player to catch onto these nuances and get the girl to fall in love for a storybook romance.

There will be an 18+ patch available for free from the publisher.

You can check out screenshots from Making Lovers below:

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