Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Details New Gameplay Features With Developer Diary Video

Koei Tecmo released new details and developer diary for the tactical RPG Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV, set to release in the west on PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on February 28, 2020.

During gameplay, players will find that over 1,000 officers are featured in this new entry. Each officer has their own traits and characters that can give you an advantage over the enemy. Alternatively, players can create their own officers from scratch using the game’s creation tools. This will allow players to adjust a character’s politics, character traits, tactics, and favorite formations.

However, players don’t have to create an officer, they could also just search for traits they want and then recruit a specific officer. Character traits such as “Insightful” or “Recruiter” to scout other officers may become helpful to players as they take control of Ancient China.

If defeated in battle, the losing side will lose morale. When a unit’s morale reaches zero, it is annihilated, so the character traits Duelist, Heroic, and Vigorous become extremely powerful in battle. Other traits like “Divination” will help prevent disasters like plagues and locusts from attacking your base, while a trait like “Abundant Harvest” will help increase supply income.

Throughout the game, officers will become more successful and gain Royal Rank, which provides them with benefits and an increased number of commands that can be executed.

In Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV, the entire map of China becomes a battlefield. Players will find that there are no boundaries and fights can take place anywhere. Through the game, players will choose who they wish to approach battles and using various strategies to make it through them. One of which as a siege, where players can use battering rams and catapults, or take to the water where they’ll be able to us various assault boats.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV introduces new systems and features to the series such as appointing an Area Overseer, an officer tasked with advancing the land’s development to increase its income. This will simplify the territorial expansion and can be used to tactically cut off local supply lines. Choosing officers will make a difference in this feature of the game. Players will also be able to construct new structures such as Arrow Towers, Camps, Stone Soldiers, and other unique buildings.

You can check out the new developer diary video below:

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