Roguelite Platformer ’30XX’ Releasing on Switch & PC August 2023

Batterystaple Games has recently announced during the PC Gaming Show that 30XX, the sequel to their mega-roguelite platformer 20XX, will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on August 9, 2023, after being on Steam Early Access since last year.

Set a thousand years after 20XX, 30XX has players rise from the ashes in a post-apocalyptic future conquered by evil robots to discover what the past millennia have come to as the dynamic cyber-duo Nina and Ace. Outmatch overwhelming enemies in heavy-duty, fast-paced action in the roguelite Classic Mode, or take it easy in the permadeath-free Mega Mode in either single-player or in co-op locally and online.

Enjoy pulse-pounding action and precise platforming in a world that has been changed irreversibly by the advent of the Synthetic Mind and a human race that’s lost the will to reach for the stars. Explore the lush, verdant prison our world has become, and fight to save what remains.

Furthermore, there’s a selection of characters with wholly distinct playstyles, such as Ace with swift, combo-friendly Techniques or Nina with an intricate Power Fusion system. As a rougelite, there is always a fresh new set of levels, items, and powers every time you play. Furthermore, 30XX also features a level editor that lets you build single-level chunks or entire custom campaigns and share them online with players from around the world.

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