Roguelite Action Game ‘Metal Bringer’ Announced for PC; 2024 Release

Playism has announced that the ALHPAWING-developed roguelite action game Metal Bringer will launch for PC via Steam in 2024.

The title focuses on Suria, who wakes from cryosleep after 1,000 years, not knowing why it was done. So, she sets off to search for the rest of humanity.

“The sky is blue, infinitely high, and infinitely vast…
Whose words were these again…?
Ah, I remember… It was about a virtual reality Rudra told me about.
A fairy tale.
How many years has it been since humanity took refuge underground?
No one alive has ever seen a blue sky.
And now, I’m trapped in the depths, in a small, lifeless room.
Just how long have I been here…?”

This is the second game in the Bringer series after Samurai Bringer, except this new entry has a sci-fi presentation. Players can control and build android soldiers called Labor and pilot machines named Arms. Their parts and cosmetics are customizable, with the former altering their fighting styles. You’ll also collect disks that install onto your Labor, giving them greater strength.

The key art and Suria’s character design are by Suzuhito Yasuda, while Sami Shinosaki is part of the writing team.

The following developer message was shared:

“Hello, I’m Takahama, the development director at ALPHAWING.

Metal Bringer is set in a completely different world from Samurai Bringer, where you can use humanoid robots called Labor and giant mechs developed from heavy machinery called Arms to wipe out waves and waves of enemies!

We’ve developed new technologies for this game, such as a technique that renders pixels in real time, and another technology that plays music in real time to make it feel as if you were accompanied by live music!

Right now, we’re preparing a demo that focuses on the battle aspect of the game. We hope a lot of people will stop by our next event to try out the game!”

You can view the reveal trailer for Metal Bringer below:

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