Roguelite Golf-Action Title ‘Cursed to Golf’ Releasing For PC, Xbox & Switch Summer 2022; New Trailer

Publisher Thunderful Games and developer Chuhai Labs have announced that their golf-themed roguelite, Cursed to Golf, is releasing for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in Summer 2022. Throughout this game, players control a Golf Champion who dies from a sudden lightning strike. He then finds himself in Golf Purgatory, where he has to complete 18 dungeon-holes to live once more.

Director Liam Edwards provided the following statement regarding this updated release state:

“With the heartening enthusiasm surrounding Cursed to Golf, we’re really excited to be moving towards release in Summer 2022 and finally being able to let people play it. Well, actually, we decided we’d let people play it now – hence this limited-time free demo on Steam! Enjoy the first biome of Golf Purgatory, there’s some tricky holes and you’ll even have the opportunity to play against the first boss. Have fun and good luck on getting past The Scotsman!”

Players can look forward to experiencing 4 unique biomes coated with a plethora of course hazards like TNT crates, teleportation devices, and high-powered fans. Still, there are tools to aid players on their golfing journey. Power-ups called Ace Cards that manipulate the golf ball’s state are obtainable from the shop chain, Eterni-Tee. Taking advantage of 20+ Ace Cards with abilities like Scattershot and U-Turning is paramount to success.

Further, there are 3 trainers players will encounter who will teach them about overcoming Golf Purgatory’s numerous, unconventional challenges. Finally, making progress through all 18 holes to become alive again will also grant the opportunity to help the trainers face their own difficulties, whatever they might be.

You can view the updated release window trailer for Cursed to Golf below:

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