Roguelike Strategy Title ‘Jupiter Hell’ Gets New Cinematic Trailer Ahead of its Full Release Next Month

Developer ChaosForge and publisher Hyperstrange have revealed a new cinematic trailer for their turn-based roguelike hybrid title, Jupiter Hell. This game initially entered Early Access in March 2019 after it was successfully backed, and it will be leaving Early Access next month.

Set in an alternate 90s universe coated in sci-fi, players encounter a myriad of bizarre, monstrous forces that must be destroyed. Guns of several varieties are useable alongside a handy chainsaw.

When Jupiter Hell enters its 1.0 launch state, the following content will be added with more content yet to be disclosed:

  • Dante Station – The 4th and final act in the gripping story of one hero’s survival against Jupiter Hell. The final boss battle is also included.
  • Trials Mode – A new customizable and moddable way to enjoy Jupiter Hell your way – it’s your run, your scenario, your funeral.
  • Arena Mode – Defend against wave-based attacks of enemies, with quicker leveling and item acquisition between waves.
  • Endless Mode – Go through fully randomized levels without episodes, branches and see how deep you can get.
  • Classic Mode – No story, no branching areas, no special levels, nothing to distract you from sweet, sweet ripping and tearing through demonic hordes.

You can view the newly revealed cinematic trailer for the title below:

Jupiter Hell will be available in its full release state on PC via Steam and GOG on August 5, 2021.

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