Roguelike MMORPG ‘Bit Legends’ Launches on Android Devices in the West

Roguelike MMORPG ‘Bit Legends’ Launches on Android Devices in the West

TDH-Publisher announced that they have launched their retro-inspired action game, Bit Legends, on Android devices in the west.

Bit Legends has players begin their adventure as the newest member of a wasteland community that is struggling to survive. As they explore, players can fight, capture, and evolve a variety of monsters to create a team of fighters and earn loot. Loot can then be equipped, upgraded, or dismantled to earn resources that will allow them to survive another day.

The story of Bit Legends is set in a world that revolves around how the Gods relate to the wasteland and how those living in it play an integral role in mankind’s future.

Bit Legends has multiplayer elements as well. Players can build guilds, complete raid dungeons together, or compete in ranked arena battles. However, between those multiplayer portions, there’s also single-player things to do as well, like level grind and fish.

The developer also released a trailer that shows off some of the gameplay. It does seem like there’s a lot of customization options and various ways of traversal. Also, it gives a quick preview of the dungeons, which don’t look the best in terms of what other games offer. Still, it could be a good time.

Bit Legends is only available on Android at the moment, but an iOS release is coming soon.

You can watch the trailer below:

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