We Don’t Know What ‘Roguelike Hero’ Is, but It Looks Awesome

X.D. Network launched the first trailer for the Carrya. Tec developed action game Roguelike Hero, coming to PC-via Steam and consoles later this year.

Roguelike Hero is presented as a silly action game where you play as a shameless hero who “lives in a shabby apartment.” During gameplay, players will do whatever they can to get through encounters with enemies, which includes throwing a few sucker punches. The game is inspired by Stephen Chow’s comedy style of trolling where players will utilize trolling mechanics to execute absurd and funny action scenarios.

However, this is no way tells us what Roguelike Hero actually is and even after watching the trailer we still don’t know. It seems like it definitely has some brawler elements to it where players will be able to fight through arcade-like beat em’ up levels, but then things go off the rails. During gameplay, players can customize their character with a variety of different costumes as they prepare for battle.

The hero of the game isn’t really a hero, but he seems to be trying to make it in the action film industry and that’s why he is seen beating up all these people.

Regardless of why he’s doing it, this game definitely looks hilarious and I can’t tell you what is going on in it, but I still think it looks awesome.

You can watch the trailer below:


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