Procedural Narrative Adventure ‘Road 96’ Gets Switch and PC Release Date in New Trailer

DigixArt announced that their procedural narrative adventure Road 96 will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on August 16, 2021.

Additionally, a Hitchhiker Bundle was announced containing the game, OST, and an original Game eBook with key stories from 10 years before the events of the game took place.

Road 96 highlights adventure as the player takes on the open road in various ways. The choices made during gameplay affect the outcome and the characters met through interaction will shape the narrative as a whole. Each playthrough is different, but after each round, you’ll understand the characters further and piece together the events of the underlining story. Still, it seems the game offers an enlighted look at the consequences that shape the outcome.

Road 96 is made by Yoan Fanise who co-Directed Valiant Hearts through this new DigixArt studio, a team of 15 developers built around three pillars: creativity, humility, and reliability. Yoan adds, “The three are extremely related, because in the past I have seen how creative chemistry can be created and generate a rich and original playful experience, or sometimes not. And for me, this requires above all great humility: each idea can work if it is nurtured by the whole team, if we separate it from any ego and let it evolve. Too strong egos can block this and prevent the ideas of more timid personalities from being expressed and prototyped.

Reliability is finally what characterizes us, because we delivered all of our games on schedule. Respecting the internal steps is very important to prevent the projects from running out and to force us to stop the design decisions. If we do not impose fixed dates on ourselves, we tend to want to leave too many doors open in game design or writing. It is also a question of professionalism and respect for the commitments made with the partners who co-finance our projects.”

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the demo version of the game.

You can watch the release date trailer below:

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