Riviera Shares 20th Anniversary Wallpaper

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the cult-classic Riviera franchise, Sting shared a celebratory wallpaper. Drawn by Sunaho Tobe, various prominent characters are fantastically depicted. The wallpaper is available in multiple sizes, including ones fit for phones. Unfortunately, the official digital wallpaper availability will expire on July 25, 2022, so fans only have a little less than two weeks to grab whichever format strikes their fancy.

You can access the download links to the Riviera 20th Anniversary wallpaper via the Sting Japan website.

Riviera: The Promised Land was an RPG initially released in 2002 for the WonderSwan Color. It eventually received a localization from Atlus in 2005 via a Gameboy Advance port. Additionally, the game received an enhanced PSP remake, which Atlus also localized in 2007.

Players controlled protagonist Ein, a Grim Angel, on a journey to seal the Accursed. Throughout this title, four heroines accompanied him on his task, and dating simulation elements were present, too. Various endings were achievable depending on the choices and actions one took concerning the heroines.

Combat was quite strategical, requiring unique positioning and planning with formations and determining combative outcomes. The real meat of gameplay comprised these planning phases.

It would be cool to see Riviera receive a modern port, but eh. I don’t see it happening.

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