Competitive Shmup ‘Rival Megagun’ Gets Substantial PC Update Patch With Quality-of-Life Improvements

Degica announced that the Spacewave Software-developed shoot ’em up Rival Megagun has received a sizable new update patch on PC-via Steam, available now.

The patch aims to update the game’s various modes, both online and offline, as well as add balance to the characters. For starters, the update brings the game to version c1.1.1, and players will find that chain attacks last longer on lower difficulties, and players can now see their equipped gear in battle. Additionally, during online battles, players can practice against CPUs while they wait and choose an avatar to display during match-ups. More avatars are available the more online matches that you play.

There are also new battle settings that let players adjust options such as resetting the attack power and bomb count each round and drone fleet size. There have also been balances to the characters and gear that adds to the quality-of-life side of things.

Rival Megagun was developed over two years by one person. The game is a competitive split-screen vertical shoot ’em up where players will transform into a gigantic boss ship called the Mega Gunship to invade your opponent’s screen. The game also has a single-player arcade mode. The game features classic shooter action with an extra dose of competitive gameplay modes with a variety of playable heroes who each have their own Mega Gunship form. The game’s 2-player mode includes online and local battles. Players are also able to unlock new gear and weapons to customize their ships.

You can check out our review of the game below:

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