Anime-Inspired Shmup ‘Risk System’ Launches on Switch Later This Month

Hidden Trap announced that the Newt Industries-developed shmup action title Risk System will launch on Nintendo Switch on July 15, 2021.

Risk System initially launched in 2018 on Steam and now comes to Switch for $9.99, the same price it’s available for now. The game aims to introduce a risk-reward system where players must get close to enemy fire to charge attacks. The more risk you put yourself in, the more powerful your attacks.

During gameplay, players assume the role of Alys, who is out to save humankind from a dangerous parasite that is mimicking materials and using them against citizens. This causes humans to develop a ship made from old materials that the parasites can’t replicate, RSK9. However, it gets energy from enemy bullets, so the closer Alys is to danger, the more proficient she is in a fight.

The game has been developed by a two-person studio and features multiple systems that keep players moving. During gameplay, players can dodge and take Risk Shots that will help in tough situations. The energy can be seen on the B-meter, and players do have a health bar. There a high score system as well, which is a must for these arcade-like shmups.

We’ll keep you updated on the Switch release of Risk System.

You can watch the original trailer below:

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