Rise of the Ronin Developers Share Deep Dive Into Setting in New Video Series

Rise of the Ronin Developers Share Deep Dive Into Setting in New Video Series

Sony shared a new blog post highlighting the development process of the Team Ninja-developed action-adventure Rise of the Ronin, coming to PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024.

The blog post shares that Rise of the Ronin is set to be an engaging open-world action RPG developed by Team Ninja, the creators of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. Set during the tumultuous end of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan’s Bakumatsu period, the game offers players a rich narrative experience. Players assume the role of a Ronin, engaging in deep and strategic combat, utilizing a variety of weapons and gear ranging from melee to firearms and thrown weapons.

The game unfolds across recreated versions of three significant cities from the Edo Era, showcasing a vivid blend of Western influences and traditional Japanese culture with cutting-edge graphics. The journey begins in Yokohama, where players explore iconic locations amidst the clash of cultures, then moves through Edo (modern Tokyo), capturing the essence of its districts and cultural landmarks, and concludes in Kyoto, the historical heart of Japan, now marked by the scars of political upheaval.

Yokohama features landmarks like the U.S. Consulate and Chinatown, while Edo offers a glimpse into the samurai and merchant districts, preserving the spirit of places like Asakusa and Nihonbashi. Kyoto, once Japan’s capital, presents areas such as the Gosho and Mibu districts, reflecting the city’s rich history and the impact of the Kinmon Incident.

Players can navigate the game’s expansive world using a grappling rope for vertical movement, horses for swift ground travel, and gliders for airborne exploration, enhancing the open-world experience. Fast travel is facilitated through Hidden Sword Banners, enabling quick access to different parts of the game world and supporting online multiplayer.

The game is filled with interactive elements, including missions with locals, random events known as Preordained Fate, and activities aimed at improving public safety and engaging in cultural practices like Yabusame and Cat Collecting. Obstacle courses challenge players to creatively use their traversal tools to uncover hidden rewards.

“Rise of the Ronin” immerses players in a meticulously crafted world, blending historical authenticity with innovative gameplay, making it a unique exploration of Japan’s Bakumatsu period.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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