You Can Play as Rinoa Heartilly in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Now; New Trailer

Square Enix launched a trailer for the newest character to be added to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster, Rinoa Heartilly.

As part of the third character in the Season Pass, Rinoa brings her own unique fighting style to the game. By using her weapon, Blaster Edge, she can attack enemies from afar as well as protect her allies. Her trusty dog Angelo also makes an appearance as he disrupts enemy attacks and keeps them at a distance. Rinoa’s Ex Skill “Angel Wing” transforms her into a sorceress, granting her powerful magical abilities and that will deplete her HP over time.

Rinoa is also available as a standalone purchase outside of the Season Pass. Other available characters include Vayne and Locke.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now on PlayStation 4.

You can watch Rinoa’s trailer below:

Author’s take: I would just like to say that Rinoa looks awesome and this just makes me want a remaster of Final Fantasy VIII. I know that won’t happen, but the nostalgia is hitting hard right now. It’s nice to see Dissidia Final Fantasy NT  holding onto its community by steadily releasing new patches and characters. I’ll be sure to jump in a test out Rinoa’s new moves when I jump back into the game!

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