Rhythm Platformer ‘Songbird Symphony’ Hits All the Right Notes in New Gameplay Trailer

PQube released a new trailer for the Joysteak Studios developed rhythm platform Songbird Symphony, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC worldwide on July 25.

The new trailer aims to show players the musical aspects of the game which include mini-games like rythm battles. During a quest to learn about his true legacy, Birb finds himself following various leads which introduce him to a handful of new characters and puts him in strange situations. During some of these interactions, Birb will enter a rhythm battle where players will need to hit the notes on the screen in order to progress.

Additionally, during the platforming sections of the game, players will be able to alter the background music of the game by solving puzzles and helping creatures in need which will grant Birb new musical notes. There are also many doors that require music to get through where players will need to listen to music in order to find the right timing to progress.

Songbird Symphony is a musical adventure that stars an orphaned bird named Birb. Similar to the “The Ugly Duckling”,  the other birds seem to not like him, but that doesn’t affect Birb in the slightest as he sets off to find out more about his heritage.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below as well as check out some new screenshots:

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