Deemo II Aims to “Make You Feel Like You’re Playing an Anime” Shown in New Trailer; Offering Exploration and Rhythm Gameplay, Release Later This Year

Rayark has shared a new trailer for their rhythm adventure Deemo II, coming to mobile devices with pre-registration open on Andriod in 2021.

The trailer also features developer insight from series producer Ming-Yang Yu who explains how crucial it is for the team to use their 8 years of experience on the Deemo series and bring that to this new entry. In addition, the music and storytelling are a vital part of this new adventure. Deemo II takes place in a world that never stops raining, which turns any creature it touches into a flurry of white flower pedals. Naturally, humans avoid this rain, including the main protagonist, Echo.

Echo finds a piano in this station that, when played, a little light shines through the station. Players will play as Echo to explore the world and stop the rain.

The rhythm sections are more dynamic in this entry. There is a challenge for players, but there are also exploration scenes for players who aren’t good at rhythm games where they can interact with NPCs and solve puzzles.

Ming-Yang mentions that he hopes to release Deemo II by the end of 2021.

During DEEMO II, this story’s main protagonist finds themselves encountering Deemo in their time of need. Still, the overall design of Deemo has been altered and is actually a bit more inviting than the previously slender version of him in the other titles.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any more news from DEEMO II, but we just thought this music was too beautiful to not share with you this morning.

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You can watch the DEEMO II gameplay trailer below:

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