RGG Studio Twitter Account Seemingly Teasing Judgment Sequel with Giveaway Replies

To celebrate the launch of Judgment on PlayStation 5, RGG Studio’s Twitter account is currently hosting a daily $40 Amazon voucher giveaway until May 7, 2021. Additionally, up to 5 entrants can win per day.

Whenever someone partakes in this giveaway, which requires a following of the Twitter account alongside a retweet, the user gets a reply. These replies contain brief clips, which are mostly from Judgment proper. However, there seem to be ‘unknown’ clips that occasionally get delivered. These ‘unknown’ clips are not from the Judgment game and seem to be from a currently unannounced title, assumingly a sequel.

Twitter account Yakuza Fan has compiled the ‘unknown’ scenes they could find amongst the hefty amount of replies, which is truly impressive work. These clips obviously lack context, but they are completely new and exciting fans for whatever will be announced on Judgment Day, May 7. Lastly, according to Yakuza Fan, if your reply from RGG Studio for the giveaway has this shot in its clip, it is brand new and not from the released game.

Now, there is obviously no confirmation on whether or not the ‘Judgment Day’ announcement will be a sequel to Judgment, but considering the rumors that were going around before the announcement of Judgment Day and these curious Twitter replies, I think it’s safe to assume we are getting a new installment that is related to Judgment in some way, be it a sequel or whatever else is planned.

Huge credit to Yakuza Fan for spotting these ‘unknown’ scenes and compiling all the ones they could find.

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