RGG Studio Developing New IP ‘Outside of Yakuza & Judgment’; Yakuza 8 Will Take Place Years After 7

In a recent interview with Famitsu, RGG Studio staff member  Masayoshi Yokoyama unveiled new information regarding future projects from the developer. Most notably, RGG Studio is working on titles that aren’t Yakuza or Judgment. As a result, it is unknown if these games are still part of the Yakuza world, like how Judgment is connected, or if they’re an entirely new IP wholly disconnected from those series’.

Further, Yokoyama stated that Yakuza 8 will occur years after Yakuza: Like a Dragon, with Ichiban Kasuga taking the helm as protagonist yet again. Ichiban was the protagonist of the latest mainline title and has quickly become a fan favorite, instilling a much-needed, refreshing identity for the franchise after having Kiryu be the protagonist for many, many years.

Lastly, in a vague statement, Yokoyama stated that they will “…continue to cherish the Judgement series.” The Judgment series has been facing some apparent turmoil recently. As it stands, the original Judgment and Lost Judgment are the only Yakuza franchise titles not available on PC, and this is supposedly due to intervention from the lead actor’s agency. So, unfortunately, the future of the Judgment series is in an unknown spot, but at least there’s factual information regarding Yakuza 8 alongside a tease of a new IP.

Thanks to prominent translator ryokutya for translating this relevant information.

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