Reynatis Previews Soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura, 6 Songs; Has Some Final Fantasy XV Vibes

Reynatis Previews Soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura, 6 Songs; Has Some Final Fantasy XV Vibes

Developer FuRyu has shared a preview video for the soundtrack of their upcoming action JRPG Reynatis. Featuring compositions by Yoko Shimomura, some of the songs here have strong vibes reminiscent of Final Fantasy Versus XIII/ Final Fantasy XV. The following six songs are previewed:

  • Liberation of Reynatis
  • Suppression of Magic
  • Magus Residuum
  • Living in Modern Chaos
  • To the Secret Place
  • Beyond Fury

Reynatis occurs in Shibuya, Tokyo, in a world where fantasy meets reality. The city’s citizens fear magic and its power, which forces wizards to veil their capabilities lest they suffer oppression. The protagonist, Marin, enters Shibuya, seeking freedom through strength. Here, he meets Sari, an officer of the MEA, an organization that aims to keep wizards under control. This story will tackle “oppression, clashing ideals, and the price of freedom.”

During gameplay, players will explore Shibuya as they interact with NPCs, shop for items, take on quests, or “expose your true self to harness your inhuman powers.” Further, players will find themselves in the alternate world of Another, a land of fantasy where monsters and secrets abound. Combat features two modes: Suppressed and Liberated. The former prioritizes evasion, while the latter focuses on dealing significant damage with magic. These modes will be freely swappable, and six playable characters will be present, all with unique abilities, such as summoning.

Reynatis also features music by Yoko Shimomura, who many know from the Kingdom Hearts series, and scenario writing by Kazushige Nojima from the Final Fantasy franchise. We’ll keep you all updated with the release of Reynatis.

Reynatis will launch in the West on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Fall 2024.

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