Visual Novel ‘Rewrite+’ Western PC Release to Use Edited Japanese PS4 CGs; Refunds Offered to Backers

Visual Novel ‘Rewrite+’ Western PC Release to Use Edited Japanese PS4 CGs; Refunds Offered to Backers

Sekai Project announced that the VisualArts Key developed visual novel Rewrite+ has received some changes for its western Steam release.

Currently, backers are receiving their Steam keys, but the publisher is providing them with a warning that changes have been made to the in-game CGs. It seems to release on Steam, the publisher had to make changes and adopt a few edits from the Japanese PS4 release to release on Steam in the west.

The publisher is allowing backers to refund their codes, as long as they don’t redeem the codes. This offer is available up until tomorrow. You can reach out to the publisher from their request page.

Currently, a patch doesn’t seem to be offered for Steam. The publisher has not mentioned if the game will be available in full on other online storefronts.

The publisher released a statement sharing, “Unfortunately, we did have to change some content, with help from VisualArts, to make it acceptable for this release.” Further, they added, “The game wasn’t approved until last night [December 15, 2021] by Steam. We had no idea if it would pass or not. That is why the update was so last minute.”

Rewrite+ was successfully crowdfunded last year to bring the title west. The campaign was created to bring Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! to western fans and pay the high cost of voice audio licensing fees.

Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! is set in Kazamatsuri, where Tennoji Kotarou spends his day with his close group of friends. Once a year, an event shakes the foundations of this small town. Known as the harvest festival, Kotarous collects information about creatures and the occult. Strange things happen all around him, and Kotarou does what he can to find the “truth” that no one else has discovered.


The publisher has made a new update on the situation and has confirmed that the altered CGs were actually from the original release of Rewrite. They were changed for the updated ‘+’ version to be a little more revealing. Further, the publisher has added that the physical release will “have the original CGs from the Japanese retail release.” of Rewrite+ and Harvest Festa.

At this point, it was shared that Sekai Project is unable to “offer any official way of reverting the changes outlined” in the digital version.

You can see the changes made below:

Rewrite 1

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