Rewrite+ Western Steam Release Receives Must-Install Patch; Fixes Untranslated Text & Various Bugs

Rewrite+ Western Steam Release Receives Must-Install Patch; Fixes Untranslated Text & Various Bugs

Publisher Sekai Project has announced that their recently localized Steam release of the Key developed visual novel, Rewrite+, has received a significant patch addressing numerous player-reported issues. Instances of untranslated text have been corrected, various typos have been remedied, and other bugs have been mended.

You can view the full list notes for this recent Rewrite + patch below:

  • Fixed name tags showing up in Japanese
  • Fixed untranslated text showing up in save/load
  • Fixed untranslated text showing up in various routes
  • Fixed engine control code (TIMEWAIT/PP) showing in dialogue
  • Fixed scripting bugs associated with edge cases, our script inserter was not escaping commands correctly
  • Fixed image readability in various routes
  • Fixed image display in various routes
  • Fixed missing text in various routes
  • Fixed ‘Enable voice speed playback’ label in the config menu
  • Fixed UI gap from Tweet removal
  • Addressed some translation concerns on routes
  • Temporary removed English Localization credits and Kickstarter backers, will be readded in another patch
  • Changed default font to Kosugi Maru
  • Fixed typos

It is worth noting that if you have already launched and played Rewrite+, then you will need to go through unique measures to apply the patch. The game’s newest Steam news page has detailed instructions for performing this task for several scenarios. However, if you have not launched or bought the game yet, you do not need to take any action for patch installation.

Rewrite+ was successfully crowdfunded last year to bring the title west. The campaign was created to bring Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! to western fans and pay the high cost of voice audio licensing fees.

Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! is set in Kazamatsuri, where Tennoji Kotarou spends his day with his close group of friends. Once a year, an event shakes the foundations of this small town. Known as the harvest festival, Kotarous collects information about creatures and the occult. Strange things happen all around him, and Kotarou does what he can to find the “truth” that no one else has discovered.

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