Revolution 5 Pro Nacon Controller Review – A Highly Unique Option In The Device Space, But at What Cost?

Revolution 5 Pro Nacon Controller Review – A Highly Unique Option In The Device Space, But at What Cost?

In the competitive landscape of gaming hardware, where portability, user-friendliness, multi-connectivity, and cross-platform gameplay are paramount, the gap for products to fill has widened. We have transitioned from using brand-specific controllers, keyboards, and devices to a universal approach. Today, if a product doesn’t align with various aspects of your lifestyle, it’s often disregarded. The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro controller for PS5 and PC enters this space as a highly unique option. But what are its trade-offs? Let’s delve into it.


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The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller, or Rev 5 for brevity, exudes a premium feel in every aspect except the triggers and bumpers. It boasts grips reminiscent of BMX bike handles, offering a distinctive gaming experience. The tactile and enjoyable touch of the controller sets it apart from its counterparts.

Nevertheless, the triggers and bumpers feel somewhat delicate, albeit featuring a fine braille pattern that contrasts well with the overall build. The traditional d-pad also incorporates this texture, leading us to an important aspect: the accessory package, which is a significant selling point for the Rev 5.

One drawback of the triggers, due to their mechanical clutch stop system, is that they don’t seem to fully compress, giving an impression of incompleteness and raising concerns about potential internal damage if pressed too hard.

Revolution 5 Pro Buttons

Nacon includes two types of D-Pads: a rounded 8-direction pad and the traditional 4-direction. The kit D-Pad, while initially interesting, may become more of a hindrance than a help for those who aren’t fighting game enthusiasts. However, having both options is a positive aspect.

The variety of joystick options is impressive, catering to different preferences and needs with a range of textures and sizes. The accessory kit further enhances customization by providing weights of 10, 14, or 16 grams for each side, allowing you to tailor the controller’s heft to your liking. Changing these weights is straightforward—just slide and pull the panels on the handles.

Removing customizable parts is easy and requires no tools; a bit of force is sufficient.

An interesting addition to the accessory box is an external mic piece, enabling the use of any external Bluetooth 5.2 headset or earbud during PS5 or PS4 gameplay. This feature is unique and enhances the overall package.

A key feature of the Rev 5 is its Hall Effect sticks, which are designed to reduce friction wear, thereby prolonging the controller’s lifespan. This is particularly beneficial for gamers who engage in intense gameplay.

Revolution 5 Pro Stick Stopper

Also included in the accessory kit are stick stoppers to increase input speeds. These can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the game. For example, in racing games they may limit full-range motion, but they can enhance performance in fighting games.

The Rev 5 Pro offers about 10 hours of battery life. However, its charging time is relatively slow, taking 6-8 hours for a full charge. The onboard LEDs helpfully indicate the battery life in 20% increments.

The controller’s software provides a wide range of customization options, catering to the needs of gaming enthusiasts and professional gamers. These options include adjustments for stick amplitude, button reassignment, and LED customization. The software, while comprehensive, may be overwhelming for casual gamers due to its complexity. It allows for detailed personalization but requires a bit of a learning curve.

The software’s interface, particularly the button mapping page, can be complex and intimidating. The vast array of features could be overwhelming, necessitating frequent consultation with the digital user guide.

Revolution 5 Pro Accessory Kit

The most user-friendly aspect of the software is the test area. Here, it clearly displays the impact of your settings in real time, aiding in understanding the various profiles, their input sensitivities, and dead zones.

Despite the controller’s modular nature, its appeal may be limited to serious gamers who are willing to invest time and effort in customization. One downside is the lack of a full-screen option in the software, which can be problematic on 4K displays.

Notably, the controller lacks trigger vibration, offering only handle rumble. This might be a disappointment for those seeking immersive feedback in certain games, like racing titles.

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Close Up

The joystick LED feature is a neat addition, allowing for up to four colors simultaneously and different color cycle effects. However, the options here are somewhat limited, but they are effective and appropriate for a controller.

Bluetooth connectivity is only functional in PS5 mode, and the audio quality over Bluetooth is subpar compared to typical connections. Nevertheless, having this feature is a plus.

Before I speak nicely about the Rev 5 Pro, the controller speaker and the rumble do not work properly on PS5, so if you are buying for PS5 only, you might find yourself upset at the lack of compatibility.

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Open Back Weights

In practical use, the Rev 5 Pro shines in terms of responsiveness and customization, offering a noticeable advantage in input-reliant games. The controller’s design and accessory options especially benefit shooters, where the right grip and speed are crucial.

The placement of the back macro buttons is less ideal, with the lower buttons being prone to accidental presses. Customization of macros, therefore, needs careful consideration.

Revolution 5 Pro All Joysticks

In hand, the controller feels superior to standard OEM controllers, but its complexity and the necessity of frequent reference to the manual might deter some users.

The controller’s price point, $199.99, is steep. Considering the feel of the controller, which seems more in line with a $120-$150 product, the price may not fully reflect its perceived value.

Noisy Pixel awards the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller a C+ rating. While it has its strengths, its complexity and price make it a challenging recommendation, likely appealing more to a niche market of gaming enthusiasts and professionals.

Revolution 5 Pro In Hands

Overall, the Rev 5 Pro controller presents a unique option in the gaming hardware space, offering extensive customization and a premium feel. However, its high price and complex features might limit its appeal to a specific segment of the gaming community, primarily those seeking an edge in professional or highly competitive settings.

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