Reverse: 1999 Shares Version 1.1 Update Coming Next Week: The Theft of the Rimet Cup

BluePoch Games released details for the newest update for their time-traveling RPG Reverse: 1999, available on PC and iOS and Android devices in the West.

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.1 will host a new event called The Theft of the Rimet Cup. Players will be able to update on November 9, and is set to bring three fresh characters into the game: the skilled Great Thief Melania, the unconventional hippy Diggers, and the endearing yet unexpectedly deep-thinking Border Collie Pickles. Additionally, the update will introduce new in-game events, clothing options, a time-limited seasonal challenge, and a host of other exciting features. The trailer for this update announcement illustrates the importance of a well-devised plan for any successful heist.

In the latest trailer, viewers are introduced to the Great Thief, Melania, as she masterminds, publicly announces, and successfully executes the heist of a prestigious museum collection. Her upcoming mission? The Rimet Cup. Simultaneously, an individual who seems to be an ardent soccer enthusiast chooses to casually bring his dogs to visit the Cup. As luck would have it, another man dressed in hippie clothing engages in a heated debate with the CEO of a security firm employing robots to protect globally renowned treasures, including the Rimet Cup…

The three fresh characters – Melania, Pickles, and Diggers – are set to make their debut in “The Theft of the Rimet Cup.” Melania is a skilled Great Thief who possesses a talking handbag. As revealed in the trailer, her next target is the Rimet Cup. Pickles is a Border Collie living with his human and canine companions, while Diggers is an artist with a hippy spirit.

Version 1.1 will also introduce the “Carnival On The Pitch” clothing series, featuring new outfits for Regulus, APPLe, and Centurion.

In addition to the new storyline introduced by “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” Version 1.1 will unveil its Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge, “UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory,” a novel gameplay mode that enables players to collect FAME Cards and strategically use them to conquer reading challenges.

Beyond the gameplay innovations introduced by the “UTTU Flash Gathering,” additional events, such as character-driven events featuring Melania and Pickles, will be available. These events will allow players to delve into more tales centered around these new characters and unlock generous rewards for their efforts.

Reverse: 1999 immerses players in an alternate history where the natural order of the universe is disrupted by a mysterious “Storm.” By manipulating carefully chosen incantations, powerful Ultimates, and extraordinary beings endowed with unique abilities known as arcanists, players can rewind time and uncover the truth behind the tempest. The game offers captivating cinematics and full English voice acting featuring a diverse range of dialects and accents, enhancing the experience beyond that of typical anime-style games.

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You can watch the trailer below:

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