Reverse: 1999 Launches on PC and Mobile Devices in the West; Marketing Boasts “Time Traveling Waifus,” Naturally We’re Curious

BluePoch Games has launched their time-traveling RPG Reverse: 1999 on PC and iOS and Android devices in the West. The game is a free-to-play experience, so expect some gacha.

Further, a new trailer was released that highlights the “Storm” event. On the eve of December 31, 1999, as the clock neared midnight, a phenomenon known as the “Storm” began. It marked the abrupt conclusion of New Year celebrations, with the vibrant neon Happy New Year signs, the effervescence of champagne, and the joyous laughter of crowds slowly fading into obscurity. In a surreal twist, raindrops defied gravity, ascending into the night sky. Amid this unusual turn of events, a young woman named Vertin made a startling discovery: she possessed an immunity to the “Storm,” ushering in an era reminiscent of times long past.

Vertin’s unique ability allows her to tap into arcane powers, skillfully combine incantations, devise strategic counters, amass Moxie, and unleash formidable Ultimate attacks. Gamers can engage in a series of interactive challenges on various maps, completing tasks to obtain Traces, which in turn unlock chapters and rewards. Additionally, they can partake in dream battles through artificial somnambulism, exploring short stories across different maps and collecting stars that grant weekly and monthly prizes. “Reverse: 1999” offers an exhilarating gameplay experience, keeping aspiring arcanists engrossed for hours on end.

In the latest launch trailer, we witness how the enigmatic “Storm” bestows mystical symptoms upon ordinary individuals. Some, like the members of Manus Vindictae, thrive amidst the chaos, patiently anticipating the “Storm,” while others struggle to endure its effects. Vertin, the protagonist of “Reverse: 1999,” strives to aid those facing this menacing force. Her personal quest involves unraveling the truth behind the “Storm,” but it appears that the foundation has a different agenda, pressuring her to comply with their directives.

The newest trailer, unveiled today, offers fresh visuals previously unseen in the first three chapters of the game’s primary storyline, building anticipation for what lies ahead in Chapter IV.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

You can watch the newest trailer below:

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