Retro-Themed RPG ‘Rise of the Third Power’ Announced for PC; Demo Releasing Tomorrow

Publisher Dangen Entertainment has announced the games they will be showcasing during the 8th Bit Summit event running from September 2 to September 3.

Rise of the Third Power is releasing for PC via Steam in Early 2022. A demo available in both English and Japanese will launch during the 8th Bit Summit official Steam event taking place from September 2 to September 8. It will grant players a brief taste of the title as well as a lite dive into its combat system.

Firstly is the Stegosoft Games developed Rise of the Third Power, an RPG taking inspiration from Europe’s political climate during the late 1930s. The publisher and developer boast modern RPG conveniences such as auto-saving and auto-battling. Further, western and eastern game design elements were incorporated into this title to make it a distinct experience that melds multiple sides of the world into 1 magnificent package.

The Steam page for this game provides a plethora more intricate information for those interested, such as the engaging lore, bold approach to equipment, and the focus on a character-driven story with 8 party members. This retro presentation is certainly appealing, and the detail gone into the world already has me somewhat invested.

You can watch the trailer below:

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