Retro Champ Now Available Allowing Owners to Play NES and Famicom Games Anywhere

My Arcade launched their new handheld Retro Champ for $79.99.

The Retro Champ is designed to give fans of classic video more ways to enjoy their collection of physical NES and Famicom titles. The game can be played on the game using its 7″ screen or can output to a television using an HDMI out.

The system features a built-in screen and rechargeable batteries offering 3-5 hours of game time between charges. The system also includes a cleaning kit for stubborn cartridges and an aspect ratio switch to toggle between 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions.

“From its inception, the Retro Champ was designed with retro game enthusiasts in mind,” says Amir Navid, SVP Product Development and Creative Director at My Arcade. “We wanted to make a console that enabled collectors to quickly and conveniently test or play their classic games and import titles on-the-go. Furthermore, we wanted retro gamers to enjoy their vintage game titles with friends and allow them to easily connect the console to modern TV sets. To that end, we’ve made the Retro Champ compatible with our Super GamePad wireless controllers for multiplayer gameplay in TV or desktop mode. We feel strongly that this console will resonate with the community, whether you are an avid collector or simply want to play those old cartridges lying around your garage.”

You can check out some images of the product below:

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