Retro-bit Reveals NES Reprints of the Action Platformer ‘Metal Storm’

Retro-bit Publishing revealed during CES 2019 that they have partnered with Limited Run Games to rerelease the Irem developed NES action game Metal Storm, which originally released in 1991.

Retro-bit Publishing has been making a name for themselves by releasing official reprints of retro games such as Holy Diver, Super R-Type, and R-Type III. This announcement will add to their published title but is actually a fairly important release considering Metal Storm can be found for upwards of $90.00 on reselling sites like eBay.

Currently, the game does not have a release date or a starting price, but the team plans to release the game in Q2 of 2019.

Metal Storm’s story takes place in 2501, where a player must assume the role of the M-308 Gunner to stop a malfunction defense outpost on Pluto that has begun destroying the Solar System. Players must use their arsenal of weapons and skills to make their way through levels of enemies and other obstacles and save life as we know it.

You can check out the box and cartridge from the show below:

Author’s take: Officially licensed reprints are an awesome concept for people that really want to add these games to their collection in a way that’s not against the law. I fully support this.

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