Respawn Entertainment Adds New Character and Battle Pass to Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Adds New Character and Battle Pass to Apex Legends

EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally dropped the Season One battle pass for Apex Legends called the Wild Frontier. Purchasing the pass unlocks access to earn new skins for legends and guns as well as badges, stat trackers, voice tracks, banner frames and more.

The Battle Pass trailer below details how the pass functions, though players familiar with other battle passes should be able to wrap their heads around Apex Legend’s take.

Along with immediate access to 3 “wild frontier” skins for Wrath, Lifeline and Mirage, fans will then begin to level up their battle pass level to earn epic and legendary Apex packs for chances to unlock over 100 rewards.

Other details include level 100 and up players earning premium skins for the energy rifle Havoc that reacts to high kill counts. Also, players that purchase the Battle Pass later rather than sooner can retroactively earn rewards in the pass during the season, just note that rewards that are not unlocked by the end of the season will be gone.

And as leaked before, Octane will is the first new character introduced to Apex Legends since its launch in February. Octane has the ability to move 30% faster at the cost of some health yet also has the passive ability to generate health, presumably while dodging bullets. Finally, his ultimate drops a launching pad for teammates and enemies to use to get a quick vertical.

The Season One Battle Pass: Wild Frontier is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC

Author’s Take: This is the first battle pass, season pass, anything pass I have even been excited for. For a lack of better words, it’s just the first game that did Battle Royale right with a polished experience that should have been paid for in the first place but instead, the money is for more of what I love. 

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