Resonance of Fate Remastered for PS4 and PC Brings All Its Steampunk Acrobatics to a New Generation

tri-Ace has announced they will release their gun-slinging RPG Resonance of Fate as Resonance of Fate Remastered globally on PlayStation 4 and PC on October 18.

It seems that not even tri-Ace is immune to the remastered treat, Resonance of Fate was first released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, the game received a handful of good reviews, but never quite become a huge talking point between gamers. The game tells the story of Zephyr and a steampunk world that is slowly dying due to technological advances.

Humans create machines known as Basel that is slowly driving the last remaining humans into a class system. Zephyr and his group of mercenaries aim to discover the truth behind these machines and put a stop to the ruling of the Cardinals.

Sound confusing? Well, it was when I played it 9 years ago, but I’m down for another go. The flashy battle system in Resonance of Fate has characters jumping around the battlefield and making triangles to pull off a tri-Attack, a powerful combo that includes all characters.

Resonance of Fate Remastered will upscale the game to HD and 4k display settings, but the developer didn’t mention any changes to gameplay.

You can check out a new trailer and screenshots below:

Author’s take: Resonance of Fate has a great design direction, the world and aesthetic are some of the best I’ve seen in a game. However, the difficulty of some of the battles, and the confusing story might leave this generation scratching their heads. With that said, I’m excited to see how the remastered treatment helped this game.

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