Adventure Racing RPG ‘RESISTOR’ Showcases Awesome Gameplay in New Trailer; Idol Maid Girls Confirmed

PQube released the gameplay trailer for the Long Way Home-developed adventure racing RPG Resistor, in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

The trailer, while it does showcase gameplay, also introduces character and vehicle customization with an alternative look at Aster, voiced by Thomas G Burt, riding in a heavily modified R180 ‘STAGNUM’ as it blazes across busy desert highways, threads the needle through a sprawling industrial complex, and navigates twisting subterranean tunnels.

Resistor introduces a dynamic open world, offering a diverse range of terrains, from sun-scorched deserts to urban outposts, inviting players to explore either by vehicle or on foot. Engage in high-stakes tournaments with teammates, where vehicular combat and gravity-defying stunts take center stage, promising an adrenaline-pumping experience. The game’s expansive story unfolds through mission-based gameplay, allowing players to interact with a wide cast of characters, shaping their reputation, unlocking additional story arcs, and determining multiple endings.

Challenging boss battles add a competitive edge, offering the chance to unlock new car abilities upon triumph. Players can expand their influence and territory by leveraging their reputation to enhance their base and develop various map areas. Leadership becomes pivotal as players recruit teammates, manage crew relationships, and develop affinities to unlock bonuses aiding in races. Moreover, the game boasts extensive customization options, allowing players to collect outfits, vehicle parts, and music themes, offering the freedom to personalize nearly every aspect of their driver and ride within their garage.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Resistor.

For now, you can watch the gameplay below:

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