Resident Evil 2 Reveals “1-Shot Demo” Where Players Have Only 30-Minutes to Complete a Mission

Capcom revealed a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 2, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on January 25.

The demo, titled “1-Shot Demo” gives players who download the game only 30 minutes to complete the mission. After that time is up, they’ll be locked out of the game. However, if they survive, they’ll be able to restart the mission until their 30 minutes is up.

Additionally, players who finish the demo will be rewarded with a brand new cinematic trailer that’s exclusive to demo participants. Even though the demo is only available for 30 minutes, players can watch the trailer as many times as they want after the mission is complete.

In the demo, players will control Leon S. Kennedy as he arrives at Raccoon City Police Station for his first day on the job. As Leon, players must survive hordes of zombies while they solve puzzles and search for a safe passage out of the station.

The developer makes no mention on how difficult the demo will be, but I can image they might bump it up a bit so players who complete it fill accomplished. You can bet they we’ll be jumping in as well and trying.

Author’s Take: I really like this idea of a demo and only 30-minutes to complete it. I’ll definitely be seeing if I’m fit for the position.

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