BL Visual Novel ‘Re;Quartz Raid’ Coming West; First Translation Project by New Publisher Chiffon Games

New translation team and publisher Chiffon Games has announced the English and Chinese release of Re;Quartz Raid. This is a boys’ love visual novel developed by B-Cluster which was released for PC in Japan back in 2020. More details about this release will be revealed soon, according to the publisher.

Chiffon Games is a new group in the translation scene and this is their first project. According to the group’s Twitter page, they plan to focus on bringing yuri and BL games to English and Chinese speakers.

Here’s the description of Re;Quartz Raid’s translated by our team’s Ryuji:


As long as they are killed, they come back to life. They have no money, no lovers, no worries. What comes to them is endless boredom and despair.
The main character, Uni, works as a Savant, a human being with special abilities, and leads an “enjoyable” life. However, as soon as he lands in the Far East, he is attacked by someone and loses his life.
The story takes place in a “reset world” where the same day is repeated over and over again. All the characters are liars.
Who killed Uni? And what can he do to stop this loop?


A world ruled by the Church and the Organization.
In the world of Re;quartz, more than 90% of the world’s population believes in the same monotheistic religion: The Church, the only huge religious organization, who controls all political and business circles.
Due to the dark activities of the “organization” that supports the Church behind the scenes, they have gained control of the entire world.
To be more precise, this “organization” uses the abilities of a special person known as a Savant.
Our story takes place in the Far East, where the Imperial Kingdom, a country that once flourished, was defeated by the allied forces supported by the Church. Having made their bases in the Far East, people are living peaceful lives.

However, the descendants of the Imperial Family and the noble families who were once favored in the Imperial Nation have formed a conservative group called the “Conference”. Their objective? To free the Far East from the control of the Church.
To do so, they have a Far East Branch in the capital, and there are only a very small number of staff members assigned to this task.
Can they liberate this peaceful and remote region?

During the game’s development, B-Cluster shared a few Japanese trailers for it, which you can watch below. This includes promotional videos showcasing the characters as well as an opening video with the song ‘Kesenaikara’ by artist Sear.

Re;Quartz Raid is also coming to Switch in Japan in 2024 thanks to Prototype. There are currently no mentions about the console edition also having English or not but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that front as well.

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