Replaced Shows off Beautiful Layered Artwork in Trailer

Replaced was shown at the Microsoft Gameshow at E3, showing beautiful pixel artwork that looks even better than most 3D models. Showing off a ton of environments from a forest to the inside of a building. Fluid combat where the player can jump over and around enemies to gain the advantage, and finally, a small climbing section.

All of this showing off just how beautiful this game looks despite it using what some would consider an outdated artform. The game was announced for 2022 and as a console launch exclusive for the Xbox.

The story will follow R.E.A.C.H., artificial intelligence that has been forcibly trapped inside the body of a human against its will. Set in Pheonix city, outlaws overrun this dystopian alternate reality 1980’s. Inspired by Blade Runner 2045 and Upgrade, this world wants to be deep and engaging for players.

Check out the trailer below if you missed it:

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