Remnant: From the Ashes’ ‘Swamps of Corsus’ DLC Adds “Rogue-like” Improvements

Back during PAX East 2020, we had a chance to check out the Perfect World Entertainment booth for the new DLC developer Gunfire Games made for Remnant: From the Ashes called “Swamps of Corsus.”

The titular pack features an improved version of the Swamps of Corsus biome and includes new story quests, three powerful weapons, mods, traits, and four challenging side dungeons along with added bosses and enemies.

The main attraction for the new pack is the new rogue-like survival mode along with new gear and 50+ armor skins, all of which, we had some time with during our preview. So far, the new additions take the existing smooth gameplay from the base game while adding a challenging and fun way to play.

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Playing Swamp of Corsus’s new Survival Mode drops players into a hub world surrounded by magical stones that act as vendors, this is where players can prepare their armor, buffs, and weapon loadout before heading off into a random biome. Each run starts a character off with nothing but a pistol, having to scout around to find armor, weapons, and upgrades.

Furthermore, the new mode still sports the third-person action gameplay from the base game along with its responsive controls and loot mechanics. What is different, however, is the scaling difficulty, leveling up and item systems closer resemble standard rogue-like systems. For Remnant players, this means adapting to a continually changing environment, enemies, weapons, and situations for an increased challenge.

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During our demo, this game mode fits well for Remnant’s gameplay as the controls reacted quickly to my inputs, which is essential for the rogue-like genre’s emphasis on player skill. The same can be said for keyboard and mouse controls as either option is well designed and felt natural to a controller player like me.

As for the gameplay itself, the way the game throws harder enemies increasingly at me didn’t feel out of place and had a nice balance to it. Hopefully, this remains about the same as some titles of the genre can be tiresome to play after a few runs if starting over means going through a poorly paced introduction every time.

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What could be improved, however, is more support items for different play styles. The consumables from the main game are used in the Survival Mode and are primarily used to recover health, replenish more ammo, and such. I noticed in most of my playthrough that I hardly used these items as I played more offensively and mainly recovered health and ammo in other ways. Items with a more significant deal of support or new items could encourage players to use every item needed during runs.

Remnant: From the Ashes Swamps of Corsus will be out as a $9.99 pack or a $44.99 all in one bundle with the base game on PC April 28, with console launch and pricing to be announced at a later date.

Be sure to check out the reveal trailer and screenshots below.

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