Remedy Reboots Multiplayer “Vanguard” Project; New Codename “Kestrel”

Remedy Reboots Multiplayer “Vanguard” Project; New Codename “Kestrel”

Remedy Entertainment has announced new plans to reboot its still-elusive cooperative, free-to-play multiplayer game project codenamed “Vanguard” due to a new direction.

Now, given the codename “Kestrel,” this will be a “premium game with a strong, cooperative multiplayer component.” This decision came after discussions surrounding the malleable free-to-play market’s risk and after “Vanguard” reached the end of its proof-of-concept phase.

However, the title will return to the concept phase with team alterations. Part of the team who worked on “Vanguard” will be shifted to other Remedy projects, though “the core leadership and select members of the development team of Kestrel will focus on the project’s new direction from the concept stage onwards to create a premium game with a strong cooperative multiplayer component.”

“The new experience will lean more into Remedy’s core strengths and be built on many of the features, assets and themes already designed for Vanguard.”

Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala provided the following comment:

““We have made some great strides in free-to-play and multiplayer development in Vanguard. After a lot of careful consideration, we believe that taking on a new direction where the game will be built more around Remedy’s core competences is the right way to go. We are creating another distinct Remedy game with Tencent’s continued support in making a great cooperative multiplayer experience.”

Development progress on what was formerly known as “Vanguard” was shared earlier this year alongside Control 2 and more.

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