Strip Battle RPG ‘Re;Lord 2: The witch of Cologne and black cat’ Finally Launches on PC in the West

Sekai Project announced that Re;Lord 2: The witch of Cologne and black cat is finally available on PC-via Steam and Denpasoft.

Re;Lord 2: The witch of Cologne and black cat is a strip battle RPG visual novel with character plenty of player interactions with the environments and characters. The game is set in a fantasy world where demons and citizens co-exist. However, the demon realm has a crisis when three “Witches of Ruin” suddenly appeared and invaded the demon country of Saarland.

These powerful witches took over the region of Groessen and they planned to take control of more with the goal to make an example out of the demons by transforming them into stuffed animals to further rob them of their dignity. After some time had passed, a majority of the people of Groessen have turned into stuffed animals, however, Wilfried, the son of the governor, decides to stand up to the witches and liberate his town.

The story goes on from there, but I’m sure all you care about are the battle scenes where you can point-and-shoot anime girls. Doing so will seal their powers and unlock some adult situations. There is a free adult patch available from Denpasoft for those who purchase the Steam version. Further, the game features Japanese voice acting for most characters including Wilfried.

In case you missed it, Re;Lord 3: The demon lord of Groessen and the final witch is also coming west.

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