Relic Hunters Legend Preview – Fun, Cartoony, Co-Op Shooter Shenanigans

If a game has an adorable, colorful, cartoon-like art style, I’m immediately drawn to it. Having watched 90s cartoons, and even enjoying some of today’s cartoons, there’s something about their fun, charming, and carefree style that I can’t help but want to sit on my couch, chow down on Cocoa Pebbles, and enjoy spending an hour or two just watching them. Rogue Snail’s Relic Hunters Legend, the upcoming free-to-play top-down cooperative shooter with RPG elements, brings me back to the good old days of cartoons and times where my older brother and I would play hours of co-op shooters, which is a very, very good thing.

Relic Hunters Legend basically is a cartoony, top-down version of Bungie’s Destiny, however, it doesn’t feel like it’s as much of a grind. With a heroic gang of 4 friends online, players set out on a galactic adventure full of fun combat, friendship, time-traveling shenanigans, abilities, awesome loot, customization options, and deep RPG systems. When one hears “looter shooter” they might end up thinking of the hours they’ll have to spend for the beloved RNG (random number generator) system to bless them with high-quality loot, but for Relic Hunters Legend, I didn’t run into that issue during my time with the game. It’s easy to just blast away, without a care in the world, with a few buddies, and that’s what makes the game such a blast from the past.

RHL multiplayer01

Set in a galaxy far, far, away, the game’s story is reminiscent of a story you’d expect from an old-school Sentai (“Task Force” or “Squadron”) show, like Power Rangers. It tells the story of a mysterious time-traveler, Seven, who suffers from amnesia, along with a ragtag group of relic hunters, who all end up joining forces to defeat an evil villain, Duke Duncan, who has literally stolen the past. 

That’s right, this isn’t a go-back-to-the-past-to-make-things-right scenario, it’s all about facing what’s just happened and trying to fix it. To restore the past to what it once was, players, as the Relic Hunters, will travel across the galaxy on a quest to find ancient ruins and Relics of the old civilization (the “Keepers”). It’s an interesting take on the usual time-traveling scenario we see so often, so I’m curious to see how the story in Relic Hunters Legend will play out.

RHL screenshot 09

According to the developer, their goal is to tell a deep, non-linear, character-driven story that spans across a number of years, so players should expect to truly experience a story that’s just like a TV series. Also, different characters will have their own personal storylines, so players can branch off of the main story, and enjoy side stories — if they so choose.

On the topic of choice, the developer has decided to make the game free-to-play. Some of you might be worried about that since generally, that means that a slew of terrible microtransactions will be thrown into the mix. Thankfully, the developer has mentioned, time and time again, that Relic Hunters Legend will not be a pay-to-win or paywall experience, so any player that jumps right in will have a good time. If microtransactions are ever added, players should expect to hear why directly from the developer themselves.

RHL multiplayer04

But, the real question on everyone’s mind is: Is the game fun enough? The answer to that is heck yes, it definitely is as Relic Hunters Legend is shaping up to be one action-packed, arcade-like, and bright adventure that all players can enjoy. The game is going to be entering Steam Early Access soon, but the full release will launch on PC and consoles.

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