Looter-Shooter ‘Relic Hunters Legend’ Introduces the Crackshot Rebel, Jimmy

Gearbox Publishing and Brazilian developer Rogue Snail have shared a new character trailer for their upcoming looter-shooter Relic Hunters Legend. This time, Jimmy, the Crackshot Rebel, is introduced on a gameplay and narrative level.

Throughout this title, boasting an immensely replayable single-player story and multiplayer missions, the world is densely packed with lore to uncover, and players can control several Rebels, all with unique playstyles and abilities for distinct individuality.

His abilities comprise the following:

  • Mobility Skill: EVASIVE MANEUVER – Jimmy dashes a short distance, dodging all enemy attacks and ignoring gravity.
  • Melee Skill: TACTICAL KICK – Jimmy kicks a nearby enemy, dealing damage and pushing it away.
  • Utility Skill: PERFECT ANGLE – Jimmy’s next 5 shots ricochet between enemies. Can only be used with bullet or projectile weapons.
  • Charge Skill: MULTI-GRENADE – Jimmy prepares and throws a grenade. This skill can be charged and has different grenade types for each charge level.
  • Passive Skill: BULLSEYE – As Jimmy hits enemies with precision hits and his own precision damage is increased for a while.
  • Ultimate Skill: GUN TRANCE – A straight-line blast that deals massive damage and stuns enemies, the Gun Trace is a serious force of nature that will leave the Ducans scared featherless.

Additional details can be viewed via the latest Steam blog post.

You can view official screenshots and key art for Relic Hunters Legend via our gallery below:

You can view the latest trailer for Relic Hunters Legend below:

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