Red Wings: Aces of the Sky Takes Off With Patch That Adds New Content

All in! Games announced that the Red Wings: Aces of the Sky will receive a free patch for Nintendo Switch.

The path will include additional content and modes, including Hide N’ Seek, Time Battle, and Score Battle. Players will also be able to head to the Mossy Volcano battleground to fight and utilize the Etrich Taube and Bristol M1 planes with new skins available. The update extends these features to both single-play and multiplayer modes.

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky has players take flight in an arcade-style flying experience. Players will control planes during the breakthrough period of flight, which didn’t always turn out well for the pilots.

The game features 50 story-driven campaign missions that have been recreated from World War I. Players are about to use four different skills to take down enemies and have access to 10 planes. Upgrades are also available to improve the stats of the aircraft and get through challenging missions; the game also features a local split-screen co-op mode. The story mode also introduces real pilots such as Red Baron and Manfred von Richthofen.

You can watch the trailer for the new update available that shows all the additional features players have access too below:

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