Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally Gives the Gameplay Footage Fans Have Been Waiting For

Rockstar Games released the first gameplay video and details for this upcoming western adventure Red Dead Redemption 2, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26.

The trailer gives a handful of gameplay details including information about the main character, Arthur Morgan. Being a senior gun in the Vanderling gang, Arthur will travel from place to place with the group as they cause trouble which forces them to constantly be on the run. Players will be able to set up camp at various locations where they are able to interact with each of the gang members and get to know them over the course of the story. Players will be able to control the direction of the story by getting closer to certain gang members who will influence upcoming missions and provide new information.

Players will be able to to interact with NPCs throughout the game by either giving them a compliment or starting a fight. This will have an affect on the player’s reputation and might even get them in trouble with local lay enforcement. Each confrontation can be escalated or defused, depending on the playstyle of the player.

Combat has been made more engaging by adding new ways to take down enemies when in a fist to cuffs. Guns have also been improved to have realistic sound and reload times.

The player will also have a bond with their, which change depending on the breed and how they are treated. Overtime, the horse will become easier to control and will express trust in the player.

A new gameplay video is scheduled to release with details on missions, enemy gangs, robberies, and sharp shooting.

You can watch the full gameplay below:

Author’s take: Rockstar is making the player’s choice a huge part of Red Dead Redemption II and that seems like the best direction for a game set in the wild west. It was a time when people had to put trust in strangers, but that trust could also get them killed. I feel like by allowing the player to mold and create their own experience, this will be the most truly wild west game ever developed.

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