Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict Launches in the West on Mobile Devices

Bandai Namco celebrated the release of Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict in the west with a launch trailer and details.

Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is the spiritual successor to Mizuno’s Record of Lodoss War. The game’s story includes characters from both titles as they join forces to unite a divided continent.

The story covers iconic moments from the series as well as additional storylines that feature popular characters from the series. Players are about to get to know the characters over throughout the story mode and also participate in the ongoing Faction War, where players will be able to choose their allegiance with either Fantasia Union or Factory Alliance.

During combat, players will be able to control units by using a hack and slash battle system. Players are able to cycle through four fighters from three character classes, Lords, Mages, and Artists, in order to fit their fighting playstyle.

Additionally, because the game reached over 30,000 pre-registered users, players will get the following rewards for logging in:

  • 4-star Siluca
  • 250 Crest Stones
  • 4-star Parn and 4-star Deedlit from “Record of Lodoss War”
  • 5-star Rainbow Wand (for Siluca)
  • 100 2-star Power Stones
  • 100 2-star Intelligence Stones
  • 100 2-star Will Stones

Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

Author’s take: I’m willing to give this game a try because I like the look of the battle system. I’m not the biggest mobile player, but I’m always down to give something a shot.

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