Record of Agarest War Reveals a Limited Edition Switch Release to Last Generations

Record of Agarest War Reveals a Limited Edition Switch Release to Last Generations

Aksys Games revealed the contents of the upcoming Nintendo Switch release of Record of Agarest War, coming in March 2023.

The Limited Edition will include an 80-page art book, a set of bromide cards with artwork of a selection of female characters, an acrylic diorama, and the original soundtrack. A Standard Edition of the game is also available. Both versions can be pre-ordered now.

The updated release will include all the DLC that was previously available, along with visual enhancements such as upscaled 2D art and full HD movies. The opening movie features music never before released in the West.

Record of Agarest War is a 100-hour JRPG that spans a few generations of in-game time. During gameplay, players will create relationships with the ladies in your party to create a powerful hero for the next generation. Further, players will navigate a grid-based battlefield o launch combo attacks and abilities.

Record of Agarest War tells the story of a war that split the gods. As the war raged, mang died across Agarest and, in a final act of creation, sacrificed themselves to bring life back to its charred and twisted surface. Though the gods are long dead, the withering darkness that caused their war is not. Imprisoned for millennia, its bonds have begun to weaken, and a shadow once again spreads across the surface of the world.

Players meet a man named Leonhardt, who happens to be the last hope for Agarest. However, he may not end the war in his lifetime, so hopefully, his kids will be able to.

You can check out the limited edition below:

Record of Agarest War

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