Record of Agarest War Mariage Shows Lively Group of Female Characters in Opening Movie and Screenshots

Idea Factory International released the opening movie for their coming turn-based RPG Record of Agarest War Mariage, coming to PC-via Steam in early 2019.

The opening movie shows the case of characters that players will be able to meet and get to know throughout the game’s narrative. Additionally, the publisher released a new batch of screenshots showing characters, exploration, and special attacks. You also see a couple of scenes from the game’s dating features.

Originally released on the PSP in Japan, Record of Agarest War Mariage is a turn-based RPG that tells a multi-generational story. Players will choose a character, meet a mate, give birth to a child and continue the story throughout the many years of war and conflict. Each character has a different class including Attacker, Defender, Healer, or Support. Players will build the perfect party of characters to confront the Archdemon once and for all.

Players can also customize outfits for their party member and view them in 360-degree gallery mode.

You can watch the opening movie and check out the new screenshot below:

Author’s take: There’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing a waifu and this game doesn’t make it easy by forcing you to choose more than one. 

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