Erotic Game Dev Visual Novel ‘Ready or Not The Deadline is Coming!’ Announced by NekoNyan

NekoNyan has announced the English release of Ready or Not The Deadline is Coming!. The visual novel about a game developer group in a dire pinch was developed by Sonora and released in Japan in 2021 under the title Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai..

Ready or Not The Deadline is Coming! tells the story of a young man called Shiiba Masaki, who ends up being roped into helping his older sister. She’s a game developer working for an erotic game company and they’re currently having a hard time meeting their deadline. For that reason, she decides to hire him and his childhood friend, Miyamura Miku.

While Miku is a writer and can help with scenario writing, Masaki has no such talents. As such, he ends up being forced to handle various small tasks all over the place, including QA tasks. During his job, he will get to meet various eccentric girls working there and get more intimate with them.

The heroines include the voice actress Miyamura Karin (VA: Aoi Tokio), the writer Miyamura Miku (VA: Tachibana Mone), the illustrators Sakakibara Ai (VA: Sazanami Suzu) and Suzumoto Chisa (VA: Moriya Misono), and his sister Shiiba Sayaka (VA: Momoyama Ion).

Check out the Japanese opening trailer for Ready or Not The Deadline is Coming!:

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