Indie 2D Action Platformer ‘Reach to Tsukuyomi’ Launching for PC Next Week

Indie 2D Action Platformer ‘Reach to Tsukuyomi’ Launching for PC Next Week

Developer and publisher Tortoise Gear bit has announced that their 2D platforming action game Reach to Tsukuyomi will launch for PC via Steam on December 17, 2023.

The story follows protagonist Kaede returning to her hometown and then seeing it taken over by Japanese monsters known as Yokai. Now on a quest to liberate her hometown of this yokai infestation, Kaede also encounters her two childhood friends, Sakura and Murasaki.

The gameplay of Reach to Tsukuyomi will have simple, intuitive controls where one can attack, jump, and dash. Additionally, performing a well-timed dash in collision with an enemy’s attack will result in a counter. Further, long-ranged strikes can occur via throwing shurikens.

Throughout Reach to Tsukuyomi, players encounter a wide range of enemies, each with its own unique attack patterns and characteristics. This diversity in enemies necessitates a flexible approach to gameplay, encouraging players to adapt their strategies to overcome different challenges.

Reach to Tsukuyomi will have an interface and subtitles supporting both English and Japanese.

You can view official screenshots of Reach to Tsukuyomi via our gallery below:

You can view the latest trailer of Reach to Tsukuyomi below:

You can check out the Reach to Tsukuyomi Steam page for additional details.

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