BL Visual Novel ‘Re;quartz Raid’ to Get English Release in Spring 2024

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B-cluster announced that their BL visual novel Re;quartz Raid will receive an English localization on PC via Steam in Spring 2024.

Re;quartz is a suspenseful, all-ages BL (Boys’ Love) game compatible with both Windows and Mac. Featuring renowned voice actors, the game is available in both DVD and DL card versions. It presents an emotionally engaging narrative. Set in a “Reset World,” the protagonist finds himself trapped in a relentless time loop, reliving the same day repeatedly. The player’s mission is to unravel the truth and escape this ceaseless cycle. The story begins on a “common route,” referred to as the “first day,” which sets the stage for the player to choose their target character. This decision leads to a narrative split between “last day (front)” and “last day (reverse),” with each path offering a distinct storyline and ending.

In the “last day (front)” route, the focus is on upholding justice despite the lies that may accompany it. Conversely, the “last day (reverse)” route revolves around protecting someone dear, regardless of the consequences to others. The game delves into the duality of human nature, exploring themes of love and hatred, light and darkness, and challenging players to accept both sides of a character. Re;quartz is a decision-based adventure game where player choices significantly impact the storyline. Players navigate through the game by determining the protagonist’s reactions, investigation paths, and conversational choices. The game offers multiple features like auto-play, skip options for previously read dialogues, text logs, and save/load functions. It includes 38 special illustrations viewable in a gallery and boasts a multi-end system with 19 unique endings, all of which are accessible under the “Record” tab. While the game is not fully voiced, scenes with special illustrations and ending scenes feature full voice acting, and other parts are partially voiced, adding to the immersive experience of the game.

We’ll keep you updated on the full release date when it’s announced.

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