Razer Hardware is Ready for Diablo IV With a Lineup of Tech to Set the Mood

As Diablo IV is around the bend with a release scheduled for June 6th, one can expect an arsenal of marketing materials on the way.

Oh? Would you look at that, one of our favorite technology and hardware brands, Razer, has a variety of releases to spice up your gaming experience as you dive deep into the dungeons of Diablo.

We all love to see new games released that we grew up with, but what would PC gaming be without a variety of cool new hardware to spice up your experience? Games like Diablo tend to be very demanding regarding inventory management, so hardware with multiple macros stands out as the go-to choice for Diablo nerds.

Here are some of the featured products from Razer:

Razer Naga V2 Pro

naga pro side panels R1

With its 22 programmable controls offers a highly personalized experience that you can customize with essential Diablo IV key binds. With Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology, Naga provides the lowest latency and freedom of play. Its ergonomic design and impressive battery life equip gamers for extended sessions.

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

Basilisk V3 Pro 133 R2 1

With 11 programmable controls, including the Razer HyperScroll Tilt wheel, this mouse delivers unparalleled precision, which, when combined with the top-notch ergonomics, battery life, and Chroma RGB lighting effects, Basilisk V3 Pro sets a standard for immersive gameplay.

BlackWidow V4 Pro

BlackWidow V4 311 1 R3

Razer’s next generation of its hallmark mechanical keyboard is destined to be the centerpiece of your battle station for every Diablo IV session. Play how you want with 8 dedicated macro keys, command control of every encounter with quick and precise keystrokes, and experience the ultimate immersion by casting your Chroma RGB.

Razer Kraken V3 Pro


Fitted with Razer HyperSense technology and brings immersion to the next level by transforming the sound effects of Diablo IV into a next-level sensory experience through tactile feedback. This creates a gaming experience like no other, allowing players to feel every attack or hit.

Nommo V2 Pro

Nommo V2 Pro 2023 2

Transforms your gaming desktop into a cinematic soundstage ready to give your neighbors hell with its full-range speakers powered by THX Spatial Audio and subwoofer armed with a 5.5” driver. Designed for powerful audio and positional precision, and rear projection Razer Chroma RGB unlocks a new level of sound quality and immersion when you jump into Diablo IV.

Don’t forget to pick up your favorite Razer gear before the big release day of June 6 for Diablo IV.

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