Ranking Trails Husbandos As Someone Who Never Played the Games

Well, hi there! I see you clicked on this article. No, I’m not Orpheus Joshua, the guy who usually brings you all the Trails news. I’m just your casual Japanese translator, Angelus Victor, but call me Ryuji. Today, will be rating husbandos from the Trails series! But here’s the catch: The only game I have ever played was Sky FC and…I watched some streams of Cold Steel IV. To put into perspective, the maximum I know is that sad stuff happens to Rean in Cold Steel IV, Lloyd is part of the Crossbell Police (because of Falcom Gakuen) and that the games coming to the West is nothing short of a miracle, to be honest.

“Well, then, how in the name of Zemuria are you gonna rate them all!?” you might say. Well, basically, I just look at the character’s image and get a small TLDR from their wiki page. So, with all the parts combined, let us begin this, shall we? And in case it wasn’t clear, yes, this article is a bit of a meme, but it’s a hundred percent true that I hardly played any of the games. However, I would be more than willing to give them a try if I had the funds and, not to mention time, to buy and play every single game, including the titles from Japan that have yet to be localized.

10. Crow Armbrust

Crow armbrust sen1

Beginning our list is Mr. Crow “Spoilers Ahoy” Armbrust. While I don’t know anything about his past, he does look like a cool guy. The wiki describes him as a laid-back playboy who frequently missed lessons but one that was highly dependable and cared greatly for his friends. Well, I always had a soft spot for these kinds of characters. And I heard he hides a secret…? But whatever the case is, Crow looks cool, so let us move on. Oh, and while I do wish to touch more on him, from what I can tell, his entire identity is a big spoiler, so uh…for the sake of my reputation as a writer, I won’t.

9. Kevin Graham

Kevin graham 3rdevo

Kevin is a character that debuts in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, one of the titles I’ve never personally touched or even watched. He is, however, the central protagonist of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd, and to be fair, I’d totally try and collect him in a gacha game because he is absolutely rocking the husbando look. He also just seems like a pretty good guy to hang out with.

8. Leonhardt

Leonhardt sc evo

And yet another boy who, like Kevin, attracted me from his looks alone. Just by reading a bit of his backstory alone made me feel that he’s seen a lot, and while I’d hate to bring up comparisons, his story reminded me a lot of a certain Uta no Prince-sama character Kurosaki Ranmaru. “A kind-hearted soul who was betrayed by the world.” Yeah, that about sums it up nicely. Not to mention that, for a multitude of reasons, he is considered one of the Trails series’ most notable characters.

7. Joshua

Joshua bright akatsuki

Joshua. The only one of Sky who is capable of keeping Estelle from just getting outright expelled from the Bracer’s Guild, in my opinion. My opinions of Joshua are only based on Sky because that’s the only game I ever dabbled on, and all I know is that he becomes pretty crucial in Sky SC. Though his looks may vary depending on the version, I enjoy his design, and from the slight glance of his past that I got on FC, well…I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want him as a comfort character, that’s…for sure.

6. Olivier

Olivert reise arnor sen2

To be blunt, I only picked Olivier because of just how silly he is. He just has this flirty vibe that I can only describe as silly. According to some sources, he’s one of the only characters who seems to be bisexual, and that is made evident the more I see Olivier flirt with Joshua or ANYONE, really. But that doesn’t make me hate him or see him in a different light. It just makes me want to know even more about what sort of past is this man bottling up to sound so cheerful all the time. ‘Cause, you know what they say…sometimes even the happiest character hides a dark secret.

5. Cassius Bright

Cassius bright fcevo

My mind tells me it would be a GREAT disservice to the entire community if I didn’t include Cassius Bright in this list, whom many refer to as the “Jesus from Trails of Sky.” And, yeah…I can see it. From the small playtime I had with Sky FC, the number of moments where I laughed at the fact that just mentioning his name is enough to give you a free pass in anything means he’s nothing short of a god, honestly. But I suppose that’s just how it is.

4. Ash Carbide

Ash Carbide CS3

I know what you’re going to say: “Another punk-looking character? Really?Well, truth be told, I’ve always taken a liking to the more badass sort of characters in any JRPG, and that includes the more rough ones. Had I played Cold Steel, Ash would most certainly be in my party at all times, regardless if he was weak or strong. This sort of “bias” always carries with me throughout all RPGs with multiple party members, and I legitimately don’t know if that’s bad and if I’m just setting myself up for trouble.

3. Lloyd Bannings

Lloyd bannings sen2

“I’m from the Crossbell Police.” If you watched the silly Falcom Gakuen anime, you might remember that phrase from Lloyd. Even in a universe where everyone’s personalities are severely different from their games, Lloyd was the most “sane” one, I’d say. Lloyd is a kind young man who just wants the best for his country, and despite his traumatic past (I mean, which protagonist doesn’t have one, at this point…), he still stands out to me.

2. Rean Schwarzer

Rean Schwarzer 28Sen III29

Schwarzer…Schazer…Shwaaerzer-bleurgh?! …Ugh, I’ll just going to call him Rean, okay? I cannot, for the life of me, pronounce his surname correctly. Props to Sean Chiplock for managing to pronounce his name. *ahem* Anyways…from student to instructor, Rean has always seemed like a cool guy to me from the Cold Steel series. And …man, his clothes in Cold Steel IV look NICE. I must say that by far, his Cold Steel “post-drama” design is one of my favorites, losing perhaps to number one in this list, which you’ll see shortly.

1. Van Arkride

Van Arkride 28Kuro29

Kuro no Kiseki may not be out in the West yet, but that didn’t stop me from watching some Chapter 1 cutscenes on YouTube, and I must say that I love this dork of a man. Out of all of the cutscenes that I’ve watched, the one that I just can’t forget was one where he attempts to proudly introduce just how fast and unique his prized vehicle is, only to fall on deaf ears from Agnès and Feri. (For heavens’ sake, the car even has a NAME!)

Still, he seems like a cool guy to hang out with, and his design is just a 10/10 husbando factor. I really want to play Kuro no Kiseki just to get to know more of him. Still, I know that if I do, I’m practically asking myself to float and not understand the story implications at all due to how Kuro fits itself chronologically.

And that’s that! 10 Trails husbandos, ranked from 1 to 10! Honestly, I’m pretty sure my choices may sound weird to some people, especially given my reasons, but hey, I had fun ranking these. Though that won’t be the end of me. Maybe, just maybe…a Ys Husbando List might be next? Look forward to it. 😉

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