Random iPhone Games You Should Try – Cute Doggos, Bananas, Sparkly Bullet Hell and Wrestling

We’re back on our quest to help bring you some random iPhone games that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen for whatever reason. I’ve been having fun with some of these obscure iPhone games, and we think you will too. Remember, yes, we do all have phones, and yes, there are games for everyone on them.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

IMG 2949

Devolver Digital has released a mobile version of your favorite banana in My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. Take part in 37 crazy levels of action-packed slow-mo bullet-time action to take down a bunch of bad guys and save your banana buddy’s wife and kids. Fans coming back from the PC version will still feel the same essence in the iOS version.

Controls took a bit of getting used to initially, but it feels pretty fluid and fun after a while. Jumping and sliding around while killing people like I was a Jojo character that had the power to slow down time and accurately ricochet bullets was super fun. There’s a paid version of the game which pretty much allows you to have checkpoints and unlock an extra game mode. However, the free version alone is still fun and provides some challenges since you don’t get checkpoints.

Old Friends

Runaway Play Old Friends Ingame DogNeeds

Let’s be real; we all love doggos of any kind. Made by Runaway Play, Old Friends lets you run your own dog sanctuary to nurture and care for adorable senior dogs by baking treats, petting, and playing with them. As each dog’s loyalty toward you grows, unlock story chapters with choices and learn more about the dogs’ lovable personalities.

All dogs are based on real-life residents from the charitable organization Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. A portion of any profit made through microtransactions is donated to the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary every month. Now you absolutely can’t complain about microtransactions for this since it helps real dogs. This is like a way more engaging Nintendogs. I was absolutely entertained by all the cute little stories that you experience with all the dog friends.

Super Glitter Rush 

IMG 2950

We found a cute time-waster with Super Glitter Rush made by Keisuke Kono. It’s a bullet hell shooter if you put a dash of sparkles, glitter, and cute everywhere. There are 30 deadly and equally adorable-looking bosses to fight against.

The controls may seem a bit finicky at first, but you should be able to pick them up after a few minutes. But don’t get me wrong, just cause everything is so sparkly doesn’t mean you won’t die repeatedly. Nevertheless, you can buy the game for $2.99, which is well worth the price.

AEW Elite General Manager

IMG 2952

I know some of you guys are wrestling fans here. Regardless of what promotion you’re into, you need to take a look at AEW Elite General Manager from Crystalized Games. It’s a simple yet well-done wrestling general manager sim game. There’s always something on and different things you have to attend to as the general manager of a show.

Of course, making sure the fans in the crowd and watching home are the most important thing here, so you’ll have to make a lot of decisions on the fly to put on the perfect show. The animations look odd, but having the satisfaction of putting on a crazy show that has Kenny Omega against Matt Hardy for the championship for a packed house is way more entertaining than the current WWE storyline of Roman Reigns wins everything.

And that’s our list of a few mobile games you should try out.

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