Rance IX: The Helmanian Revolution Includes Discord Integration So You Can Let Your Friends Know When You’re “Busy”

Rance IX: The Helmanian Revolution was recently released in English by MangaGamer, and it features a detailed integration with Discord. It allows players to show what point of the game they’re currently into if they allow sharing this info with others. Of course, as an erotic RPG from such an (in)famous series, this means you can let them know it might not be the time to interact as you’re hot and bothered by some meaty plot scene.

Rance IX is the latest game in the series to come west, continuing the story of our hero(?) Rance, whose aid is requested by Patton Misnarge. The prince of the Helmanian Empire wants his help to set the country right once again, as a corrupt government currently rules it. An excellent opportunity for Rance to show his valor and get some girls along the way comes along, as usual.

Part of the appeal of the Alicesoft-developed series is that the protagonist is a major jerk whose concepts of heroism are screwed up. As such, the games manage to play with “the expectation of fantasy RPG adventures” while still providing deep worldbuilding full of intriguing lore choices and beauties to have a good time with.

The games can be divided between lengthy visual novel segments and RPG combat (usually with simplified exploration methods through menus). For Rance IX, battles follow a strategy RPG format with grids. Before battles, there is a preparation stage to put your characters in what you expect to be optimal formations.

Each of those segments are cleanly separated for the Discord integration feature, meaning it can determine whether you’re in a specific story beat, doing battles, or even preparing for one. That also means it really can tell people you’re in one of the more “orgasmic moments of the epic plot.”

Rance IX: The Helmanian Revolution is available now on PC via MangaGamer. Thanks for the tip, Steiner.

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